INAT Summit 2019

iNAT Summit 2019

The third INAT Summit took place on 5-7 June, 2019. The conference program was held in Kombank Hall, whereas the networking event on the evening before gathered the audience from the innovation ecosystem.


DevOps and Disruption Room and Digital Transformation Business Room were two rooms, i.e. two distinct movie theatres, where a real IT adventure took place. During hands-on workshops and keynote lectures we learned: how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied in different industries, what is important to keep in mind while building a startup, how startups and corporations can collaborate to create innovations and new business models.

During the panels visitors obtained a fresh perspective on employer branding and collaboration between university and business sectors in the markets of Serbia, Israel, Italy and the US. Likewise, the audience had passionate interest and numerous questions regarding digital transformation and IT projects for clients in healthcare, telecommunications, online education, and construction industry.

While walking through Kombank Hall during some of the refreshment breaks you could meet approachable speakers, who are top professionals, team leaders and almost stars in their companies. At INAT Summit they were open-minded, they were in the mood to talk to visitors, share ideas and opinions, and provide actionable advice. This opportunity for visitors: to find out directly in Belgrade how 10 world-class IT ecosystems function and how teams from Central Europe can contribute, actually sets apart INAT Summit from many other conferences organized throughout Serbia, the entire year.


Everybody who visited sessions during INAT Summit has realized that visitors get value beyond the stage performance when the speakers share their knowledge with the audience. This time you could hear speakers from the US, Canada, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Israel and Singapore.

The third INAT Summit was accomplished thanks to the contribution of the following partners and donors: TAQ d.o.o, ProctorioBalsamiqDBA Group, 30Hills, Avisto and Elsys Eastern Europe, Link Group, whereas the leaders of the technical teams in these companies also shared their knowledge: Amazon, IBM, Apigate, Zamphyr, SpiceFactory. Our refreshment partners were: Pepsi A&P d.o.o and Jaffa.


INAT Summit provided more than mere organization of a worldclass IT event in downtown Belgrade – our conference provided relevant, practical knowledge and motivation; it awakened desire in participants to move forward and once again it proved what was long standing truth – that  knowledge grows further only when we share it with someone.

For those who missed the third INAT Summit but also for those who want to refresh their know-how, videos will be available in the coming weeks on  YouTube channel of INAT Summit. Our future projects you can follow at INAT Summit website  and social media.

Hello World – Make an INAT pledge and find out how to get an even better paid IT career

‘‘INAT Summit is an IT conference that should not be missed. You are expecting 2 conference days on June 6 and 7 at Kombank Hall with 20 lecturers – IT experts who will share perspectives on innovation from 10 different markets. The opening of the event is scheduled for the evening of June 5th at one of the most interesting meeting places of the IT community in Belgrade.

INAT Summit stands for the acronym Innovation Attitude. The aim of such an attitude is to enable program visitors to gain new insights about IT sector, to find new business partners, to network with exceptional people and to obtain first-hand advice from proven IT professionals.‘‘


Startit: Speakers from 10 countries of the world discuss programming and IT products


‘‘During the third INAT Summit a diverse regional audience in Belgrade will gather in early June, as this has been the case since the beginning of 2017: developers, IT project leaders, founders of companies, marketing and business development professionals, professors at the faculties of technical sciences and business studies, as well as university students and high school students with the best results.

You can expect speakers from 10 countries and hundreds of visitors who will share their knowledge of programming, IT product development and scaling companies in global markets. ’’


Startit: Expert from Silicon Valley – Serbian Tech Community Needs more Connection. Startups Fail because they do not Listen to Their Buyers

‘‘The primary reason most startups fail is due to a lack of product-market fit, meaning the company did not create a product (or service) that a large market wanted to buy on a repeatable, sustainable basis. So a startup’s willingness to talk to prospective customers, about their needs and requirements, then test a product or set of features with those prospects, and finally, make the necessary changes after that feedback, is an very important process for increasing success.  Building a product the market wants to buy means listening to prospects and customers every day.


What mistakes are often made by startups that can be easily escaped?


The most common mistakes I see for international startups, outside Silicon Valley where I am based, is a lack of deep understanding of their prospective customer’s needs and requirements. Entrepreneurs and their startup teams have to resist the temptation of building a product until they fully understand what problem they’re solving. Lots of conversations, lots of listening and lots of open-ended questions help a team have empathy for their prospect’s needs, so they can build a better solution.’’


Original Magazine – Three Days of INAT in Belgrade


‘‘During the INAT Summit, you can always experience the dedication of the lecturer, the accessibility of other visitors and the hospitality of the organizers. More and more people from the regional IT community are recognizing the quality that INAT Summit provides: the conference helps you gain new knowledge related to technology and running an IT business. Also, many people, open to new ideas, can have a great time and connect, and this is how one can look at the diversity of the Serbian IT scene and enter international IT partnerships.’’


Original Magazine – How Serbian ‘‘INAT’’ fosters development

‘‘The Serbian tech ecosystem is developing and changing in positive ways, just during the past few years I’ve been coming here. However, Serbia needs some high profile startup successes that the entire ecosystem can point to, that will help raise the country’s profile and reputation as a great place to start and build a company.


Being an tech entrepreneur is both difficult and exciting, yet entrepreneurs need lots of support to be successful. More alignment and unification between all the ecosystem partners would help move things forward greatly. And to make this happen, most quickly, means the co-working and accelerator hubs, science parks, associations, investors, corporations, and service providers come together with their shared commitment, to making 5-7 startups successful over the coming years. So rather than each ecosystem partner or actor working individually on building the success of their cohorts of companies, they choose startups that they will work on collectively and together to make them successful, to raise Serbia’s profile and reputation.


When it comes to Silicon Valley, the process of building companies is much more refined in Silicon Valley than ever before.   The best practices are more clearly defined and widely known around the world, as are the specific stages of startups.  They other big difference is the huge amount of venture capital that is available for startup investment, and the size of early stage investments is much larger than 20 years ago. It’s still so exciting here!’’

INAt 2019 Highlights