INAT Summit 2018

iNAT Summit 2018

The second year of INAT Summit was memorable and engaging. We lifted the bar higher and set the standard for next events.

Hundreds of participants who attended INAT Summit were inspired and learned actionable advice how to improve their code, grow their IT business or how to build partnerships on the new markets.

We hosted speakers from new markets and 13 IT ecosystems: the United States of America, Israel, Italy, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Estonia.

They were delighted to see that the biggest potential of IT ecosystem in Serbia exists in its creative and innovative people who build world-class products and deliver outstanding IT service. Many partnerships were created and thanks to developed relationships and trust, Serbia and the Western Balkans will be considered in the future for extraordinary and innovative IT projects.

Thirdly, we are proud that together with corporate and other non-profit partners we could continue supporting young talents in STEM with gift tickets. These high school and university students are the future of our region and we will continue endorsing them with knowledge, resources and know-how.

Especially memorable were the following presentations:

  • Ivan Bjelajac spoke about the state of blockchain world-wide and in Serbia, as well as market opportunities
  • Marija Desivojević-Cvetković inspired the audience with her views on work-life balance as she shared her high performance habits in executive career and private life
  • Kristina Klassen revealed ins and outs of her business intelligence consulting and how software engineering and consulting profession evolved in German-speaking and global markets over the last 20 years
  • Miloš Borenović shared his insights about the future of telecommunications, verification and authentication, as well as how it is to work for a globally competitive product company
  • Bill le Voir Barry explained how big corporations invest in e-sports and how upcoming generations can be addressed to participate in IT industry
  • Oana Bouraoui highlighted the employment opportunities for digital natives in the EU and how entrepreneurial people can collaborate across markets

You can watch all our masterclasses and workshops at the official INAT Summit YouTube channel.

The event could not have been possible without the support of Serbian Blockchain Initiative, TeleSign, Delta Holding, Bitgear, Avisto/Elsys, Mainstream, Infobip and Centili, as well as Infostud, and NetCast.

We are also delighted that representatives from many programming communities gathered in Belgrade and enjoyed INAT masterclasses and workshops.

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INAt 2018 Highlights

media about INAT 2018

”The aim of INAT Summit is to educate participants about application of new technologies and to empower startups on the lookout for investments as they obtain know-how from expert speakers.” 


”INAT brand was coined as a word play, since ‘‘inat’’ (the spirit of rebelliousness) is actually the competitive advantage that Serbia (and The Western Balkans) has. In English INAT acronym means Innovation Attitude, i.e. the eager attitude towards innovation. At the conference IT workforce will connect, become more competent and continue their cooperation even after the event.”

(Nova Ekonomija)

”Since the very beginnings, INAT Summit brought IT professionals and entrepreneurs who discussed big data, UX, agility in IT business, crowd-funding as a model for funding a venture, effective digital marketing and much more.”


”With an ambitious plan to gather up to 30 speakers and hundreds of people from IT community, INAT Summit team raised the bar for event organizing and created a fertile platform for the exchange of ideas and skills.”

(ICT Hub)