Code of Conduct

code OF CONduct

INAT Summit is a community and platform of equal participation, open communication where participants, speakers and all stakeholders feel safe to share their ideas, to learn and contribute to each other’s growth.

INAT Summit strives to provide a respectful and engaging experience to everyone regardless of their affiliation, gender, profession, race, age, religion, physical appearance, or sexual orientation.

Safety of Participants

Safety of people at INAT Summit is of our greatest importance. We provide professional security staff to protect all people at INAT Summit from the beginning until the end of the program.

At event sites and all venues our team provides trained volunteers, who can be clearly identified by their badge and uniform and who you may contact in case of emergency. In case of an incident, feel free to share this information with our volunteers, who may communicate the issue with their team lead, security or medical staff, or police when needed.

Anti-harassment  Policy

INAT Summit does not approve of harassment in any shape or form: neither at our events or elsewhere.

Harassment means the offensive verbal comments related to gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, profession, physical appearance, sexual content in public, stalking, harassing photography or recording, jeopardizing other’s privacy, disruption of talks and other event content, inappropriate physical contact and any kind of unwelcome sexual attention.

If you are being harassed, if you notice that someone else is being harassed, or you have any other concerns, do contact immediately INAT Summit team members.

Any attempt of the harassment at our events will be sanctioned on the spot and the people doing such deed may be expelled from our conference.

Sponsors, Speakers and other Partners

INAT Summit speakers, sponsors, partners (institutions, universities, chambers of commerce, Embassies, media, IT communities, other international organizations) are also subject to anti-harassment policy.

The same code of conduct applies to them as for the individual participants.  All INAT Summit partners will be perceived at the event as role models and community leaders for the tech community, so their behavior should be professional, dignified and appropriate at all times for an international educational conference such as INAT Summit that thrives on empathy and inclusion.

Staff at company booths shall not use any material with explicit content and shall not indulge in any activity which may create a sexualized environment.

Participants who are Underage

INAT Summit encourages participation of visitors who are also underage. Since we believe that the next generation should learn about the technology, we take the opportunity at our events to provide the best tools for the upcoming generation of employees and entrepreneurs.

Participants who are younger than 12 should be accompanied by their parents at the program.

Smoking Policy

At all venues of INAT Summit and at all times including the evening program smoking is strictly forbidden.  Smoking may be permitted outside of INAT Summit venues in the open air if it is otherwise allowed by city authorities. Smoking may happen at participants’ own responsibility.

Drug Policy

Drugs are forbidden at INAT Summit at all times.

Alcohol Policy

Under no circumstances can alcohol be served to participants who are underage. Consumption of alcohol will be limited at INAT Summit to especially designated areas, certain kinds of participants, particular time at the conference or several pre-selected drinks.

Sport Policy

INAT Summit promotes healthy lifestyle and sport activities, where tech innovation comes naturally as a result.

During the certain times of our conference, participants may be encouraged to get involved in amateur sport activity. Delegates are not obliged to take part in those light exercises, while such experience may be life-changing for them. To bring more clarity and resources to our users, we thought of designating a lifeboard, which still need to be defined with our management.

Data Protection  

For the communication purposes and event logistics, INAT Centre will collect the private information about the participants such as emails and social media profiles. Under no circumstances shall this information be transferred or sold to a third party.

Satisfaction of our visitors and partners is of our utmost importance and we will protect their privacy, safety and dignity.

We value your attendance and thank you for your trust, time and participation.