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Assert International is created as a fusion of expertise and methodology, with the aim of offering companies and individuals solutions that bring results and change the perspective of assessment, development, and market research.

We provide professional HR solutions, which are based on expertise in all aspects of encouraging the development of people, teams, and organizations, in response to the challenges of modern business.

Our approach is a unique combination of standardized assessment and research tools, tailor-made services, an innovative and gamified approach to development. We build long-term partnerships with our clients in order to design systematic solutions that meet specific challenges.

We believe that the company grows along with the growth of employees, so we support each individual with inclusive and tailored approach that support personal growth and business success.  

Key Projects and expertise

The company specializes in the following categories of assesments.

Assessment of:

  • personality
  • abilities and aptitude
  • skills and knowledge
  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership
  • mapping development needs in the organization
  • employee engagement and retention factors

People development:

  • Gamified development solutions with Game learn and Lego® Serious Play®
  • Internal and external career transition
  • EI leadership program
  • Individual program of professional support and development
  • Group development programs
  • Blended and tailor-made programs
  • System development solutions
  • Adapted vocational retraining
  • Online learning


  • Employer Branding
  • Re/design of organizational structure
  • Compensation and benefits system design
  • Salary Benchmark
  • Job satisfaction and engagement research
  • Workforce availability

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