About Us


Innovation Attitude Centre is founded in order to accomplish the following goals: capacity building for the next generation of ICT workforce and collaboration with leading international stakeholders: companies, universities, ICT organizations not only in the Balkans, but also internationally.
Our first INAT Summit in April, 2017 gathered 250 participants and 25 speakers from 10 countries of the world.
We partnered with experts from IBM CEE, SAP Bulgaria, Social Impact Berlin, UK entrepreneurs, including entrepreneurs from Cambridge University, Tel Aviv Foundation and ecosystem strategists, VIP Mobile, Nordeus, NetCast, Jaffa, Vital, The Embassy of Israel, The Chamber of Industry and Trade in Serbia, and 30 community and startup media partners.
Currently in the team there are ten young professionals aged 20-33 who obtained their education and work experience in 7 countries of the world.
INAT team members have between 2-10 years of volunteer and professional experience in the field of project management, ICT business, mentorship for youth entrepreneurship, destination branding (especially for The United Kingdom, Western Europe and the Balkans), event management.

achieve 3 goals
with inat summit


Learn about digital transformation, emerging tech and product development


Network with high-achievers from different IT roles and countries


Explore Serbia and CEE region as the destination of excellent IT teams and emerging markets


Milena Milićević

Founder, CEO

Zeljko Stepanović

Business Developer

Isidora Nikolić

Community Bridges Builder

Ognjen Raketić

Agile Operations Officer

Tijana Katić

Chief Marketing Magic Officer

Nikola Milovanović

Event Logistics Officer

Aleksandra Hrib

Chief Executive Producer

Milan Protić

Youth Partnership Strategist

Tamara Birđan

Guest Relationship Genius

Jelena Protić

International Hospitality Officer

inat summit manifesto

It’s 5:30 AM.
You got up before the sunrise and you think about all the things that made your life as it is today.
The choices you made, the people you met, the adventures you pursued.
All these memories led to your life as it is today.
All these memories made you the person you are today.
It does not matter if checking your phone was the first thing you did in the morning.
It does not matter if you relied on coffee to wake you up fully.
It does not matter that during the day you will not complete all the tasks you wanted.
It does not matter that you will make mistakes in the same way as you will score successes.

What matters is that you will show up fully; you will show up with the sunrise and with the sunset; you will show up for people who matter most in your life; you will show up with your light in times of darkness, in times of transformation and volatility.

It’s 5:30 AM.
Early this morning you will take care of your school exams or your business; you will take your kids or siblings to school; you will be out there for your life partner, or bring a smile to your parents; you will overcome distances with knowledge, tech gadgets, on the cloud or the plane.

Depending on your age and life circumstances.
Still, the game of life is the same regardless if you are 16, 36 or 56.

People, time, emotions, outputs and resources matter.
You are part of the knowledge economy; you speak at least one human or programming language and ICT is your oxygen, freedom and passion.
You emigrated from does not function and serve you anymore to the world of abundance, where results count.
You see digital transformation as the inevitable transformation of humans, not hype.
You know what you want and you know you will eventually get there.
You are not confused by shiny, new objects of technologies and tools that promise Eldorado; you are in the game of life long-term.

You know that winning is not crushing it; you know that winning is understanding others better and growing exponentially when your foundations are solid.
The force is with you and within you.
The INAT spirit is what you nurture.
That Innovation Attitude.

The force that told you to keep going even when getting up at 11:30 AM was difficult.
The Fortuna that smiled at you and opened the doors of new projects and companies that seemed like your wildest dream.
The voice that whispered how much you are worth it and that everything is going to be ok, even when your paycheck did not show that.
The compassion when you helped fellow students and colleagues just starting out.
The decision to start that business when nobody could understand you because they did not see that all your weekends were invested in getting MVP right.
The mischievous thought that gave you the permission to risk your pride and go after that special girl or a boy, one in a million.
The rebellious spirit to whom you pledged to never give up on your dreams and never crush other people’s dreams.
The INAT spirit that kept the city of Belgrade going from Singidunum to Prinz Eugen Stadt times.
And the INAT spirit anywhere in the world.
The one that kept moving all entrepreneurial souls that set higher standard for their life.

Thank you for inspiring us to create one of a kind conference and educational program.
Thank you for being part of INAT Summit.

We could not have done it without you.
Your thoughts, dreams, ideas, feedback and goals are what keep us, INAT Summit team, going.
What helps us get up at 5:30 AM.
What helps us become better colleagues, entrepreneurs, kids, parents, partners, friends.
What helps us become better humans.
Who use technology, get technology, create technology, but are not addicted to it.
And we cannot wait to see you again and hear what you are up to in 2018.

Because we are all in this together…
…From E-migration to Digital Transformation.

Thank you for being part of INAT Summit.
See you in Belgrade, 12-15 April 2018.